Welcome to the English wiki of 2º ESO B in IES Escultor Sánchez Mesa in Otura, Granada (Spain)

We will use this wiki to carry out some activities on the web.

Email Project
We are going to start an email project with a school in Austria, to do so we have carried out some activities to do some practice and learn how to write an introductory email:

- Penpal messages

- Penpal hobbies

We will also create a poster with your "PROFILE"

Prepare a presentation about your favourite sport or your favourite book. You are going to write about this in your next email, and also do a video presentation of the sport or book.
  • Prepare what you are going to say. It has to be at around 6 sentences, including your own introduction "Hello, I'm..."
  • If possible do it with your partner/s.
  • Go to this site http://corp.eyejot.com Your teacher will tell you the username and password to login.
  • Record your presentation and send it to the "otura2b" email.
  • Enter the email account and resend it to your email partners.